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Coco Jean Pocket

Our Coco Jean Pocket cover is made up of a classic Jean leather case with golden details and a golden chain. It has two pockets on the back of the cover to carry your cards and cash.It's a mustfor any event or activity where you want to avoid carrying a handbag!

Our Hanek cover is the perfect accessory for your phone,specially when you need your hands to be free but to have your phone at your fingertips. With our new 'Hanek Leather' Collection you will be able to take your HANEK to the most elegant dates. Because fashion and comfort must go hand in hand.

Thanks to their neck phone holders, you can access your phone quickly and easily. A useful option for people that use their mobile phones for work or are continuously taking pictures, listening to music, chatting, moving around at work, among others. If you usually don't have pockets to put your phone in or you are always wondering 'Where did I leave it?', then Hanek covers are the solution.

What does our Hanek Coco Jean Pocket cover include?

  • Anti-Shock Protection Case made of high quality Jean Material
  • Case including built-in wallet and card holder
  • Coco Jean Strap with golden details

*At HANEK, we love fashion and high quality materials, but we would never harm an animal to make our products. HANEK LEATHER covers are made of leatherette, a perfect imitation that is respectful of all fellow inhabitants of this planet

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Practico y bonito

A unique way to protect your mobile