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Join Hanek

Hello! 😊

If you're here, it's because you've thought that maybe there's a little place for you in Hanek!

First of all, THANK YOU, thank you for thinking of us for your next adventure and for wanting to join our little team. It makes us very excited when you ask us if you can join the project, because it means that you see it with as much enthusiasm and journey as us. 🤘

As a young project that we are, there is still a lot to do, so if none of the available vacancies fit you but you think you fit... Tell us about it!

Of course...as we need to know you a little bit and we believe that a video is worth a thousand emails (or was it? 🤔), instead of telling us in writing...tell us with a video!

Send us your video resume to direccion@hanek.com.

Tell us...

...What do you know how to do?

...What would you like to do?

...What moves you?

...and whatever you want!

If you have enthusiasm and desire to help push an entrepreneurial project ... We want to hear from you! 😍