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HANEK / About us

THE FUTURE is always ahead of us, it's inevitable, and that's why we can only imagine it.

In ours, we have imagined that fashion, technology and safety are important to you. And that you don't understand them if they are not together.

We have thought that TECHNOLOGY will be a fundamental part of your daily life. And that, far from being an inconvenience, is an advance towards a more flexible and connected life.

And we have imagined that SECURITY will be more important than ever, because we will stop protecting only what we consider ours and we will also take care of what does not belong to us.

We believe that fashion will be the most intimate FORM of self-expression.

HANEK was born in this future. And that is also where our principles and all our products are born.

Only in this way, by imagining a fairer, more comfortable, original, safe and sustainable world, can we make it a reality.

We will never dress the same. We will become more and more different, more UNIQUE and more interesting people.